We Are Our Own Gods.

Clinging to the idea of the afterlife comes with reason, religion is accepted and misunderstood by the masses due to the simple aspect of hope. One could say the followers of the churches are the ones that have truly given up. Accepted that this life is meaningless, just a simple test, a form of suicide seen as faith. The what if’s carry no weight. The one thing certain in this life is everything with a beginning has an ending, no matter how great it’s power. It’s the way time works. Happiness cannot exist without sadness. Neither can last. The need for religion, the need to believe in something afterwards comes from this simple understanding. Time is the most underestimated device. It controls everything; tick tock. Even as you’re reading this, something beautiful is ending and something terrible is beginning, what a cycle we face. The fascination of an afterlife, a place where time doesn’t exist. A place where bliss and despair can exist indefinitely. This is where the “what if’s” begin to carry weight. Does this place exist? How could it? Wouldn’t we have experienced even a moment of it? A moment of total halt. Sit in a rocking chair. Understand what it’s like to waste away worrying whether you’re good or bad. Be what you think you are. The cliche of being yourself has never been more important. This body gets one life. The soul, whether it exists or not, even the idea affects how we act; how we feel. Being yourself comes with the understanding that if your soul is exists, your gut instinct cannot be changed. Even so, this means whether or not the afterlife exists, if we are true to ourselves, we’ll end up where we’re suppose to be. If this place exists, the ones who are most comfortable with chaos and destruction will have experienced this in their lifetime and their soul will end up in chaos and destruction indefinitely. The ones most comfortable in happiness, will experience moments of it in their life. Knowing what your soul wants is the most difficult part. That’s where the beauty of beginning is. We control the power to begin or end our own adventures. Adventure is what we make it. Now, stand out of the rocking chair, walk, begin your adventure. Dabble in evil, play in happiness. Control the good and bad, it’s literally your choice which is which. We mustn’t judge or attempt to steer others for their decisions. The power of time will attract the things you want most. You will be surrounded by the things you have chose. We are our own gods.


the puddle sees many faces
galoshes, shoes, the occasional jacket
and oh they are formed in many places
age, it varies like a jewelry store packet
sometimes they play, mostly it’s just racket
when the golden is present, it’s just silence
two are standing face to face, like a bracket
drenched continuing to pour, they form an alliance
soon the children come, bringing their defiance
create the illusion of a gentleman, fooling only one
use the weakness of rarity, it’s just simple science
when we use it as a weapon, oh the fun
it evokes feelings, a temporary blindness
there’s just something beautiful about kindness


Every year on the campus of Boise State University there is a “Tunnel of Oppression” that is created for the public to experience. The tunnel has minor changes each year according to current issues and concerns. I had heard about this in previous years but I wasn’t informed on what the tunnel was, so I chose not to attend. This year I chose to attend. The issues being discussed were that of racism, sexism, obesity, transgender relationships, women’s rights, as well as discriminating for education. The idea behind the experience is to be able to feel the way the people being discriminated against either feel or felt. It is meant to evoke emotion and compassion. Also, bring awareness to those that may not be aware of these issues. I myself take notice of current issues and have a diverse group of friends so little of the performances impacted me as I had already previously learned about the issues being portrayed. The biggest impact I felt was during the obesity scene. They performed very well during this scene; I actually confused two of the actors for spectators and was silently thinking they were just very rude people. The main character in this skit was a slightly overweight girl who was being called fat, and told to commit suicide because of her obesity. Everyone should know these types of things happen every day. The part that was most shocking was when she stood up for herself and had her own input for everything the other actors were saying. She shed actual tears because she had actually been through this in her life. During the debriefing I found out that each of these actors in each skit weren’t really acting. They’ve actually experienced these things. That notion gave it that much more impact to the audience that would have otherwise been ignorant to those issues. The weak points in the performance were the education discrimination scenes. I understand that it isn’t meant to have flawless acting, but those scenes were so clearly scripted it took away from the impact it could have had. It almost had the feeling of sarcasm instead of a serious issue. I felt like the actors were making fun of the issues at hand. The factual information presented did strike my curiosity though. I was unaware of the requirements even such a small community such as Boise State University places on their students. I didn’t know that simply speaking English was made a requirement for attendance. If a student is able to pay tuition and have the necessary intelligence for general admittance, then it shouldn’t matter what language that student is speaking. Overall the performance sent an impactful message that seemed to be received by those who went through it.

A Vision of Influence

The video begins with the view of a closed map with a faux title, “The Way to Perfect Writing.” As it continues the zoom pans out as the map unfolds to it’s maximum. After reaching this max, the camera zooms back in to the “beginning” of the journey. On the map some basic fragmented sentences will be presented as the first stage of writing. From the first stage there will be a pencil that progressively will shrink as the journey continues. From scene to scene the map will be the primary focus, there will be images of frustration at the beginning that are corresponding to the fragmented sentences. It should be evident that the goal being achieved shows the struggles a writer goes through, and if by continuing this journey the writer can become great. I want to create a more visual experience that is relatable to a large writing audience; hopefully everyone. I will be searching for images portraying the struggling writer, for the map animation I will be taking those pictures myself. It should be fairly easy to obtain relating images. The majority of the presentation will be editing the video and presenting the animation well. After establishing the general mood for the video I will search for sound that compliments that mood. That will most likely be a song, either instrumental or with vocals as well.

I hope this vision reaches out and grabs struggling writers. I want to impact and influence them, and I hope to learn from the experience myself, as I am not a professional writer either. Everyone uses writing in their day to day, whether they realize it or not. I hope to inspire that next upcoming great writer because they saw the struggles that everyone goes through. Knowing that, they are able to establish the confidence to pursue that dream of a writing career, and accomplish it. I like reading success stories, and it would bring joy to me to be a part of one.

Artistically speaking, the symbol of the map represents a crutch that people reach out to when lost. In my mind I see the closet writer as lost. Feeling inadequate to publicize their personal writings which may be great. We tend to be our biggest critics as humans. The pencil symbolizes the vent writers use to express themselves. As the information and electronic age we live in has proved, we generally don’t use the pencil to write as much anymore. It makes the message more relatable, due to the common reference the pencil represents.

In My Writing

In my writing you will find
something that the blind can see
it’s real, just like you and me
it brings me there when here I must be
it allows you to hold me close
at those times you miss me most
not near as subtle as a ghost
something that you notice
when life is out of focus
in your heart, in your mind
our love is what you will find
in my writing it’s plain to see
with you I love to be
with all or some
having you, I’ve always won
so it seems it’s just the start
working through this stage apart
patiently waiting for a few
until the day I’m back to you
this letter is nearing the end
off to you I will send
in my writing you will read
only you is what I need…

Coffee Shop Writing

It appears as though the hip thing to do is to take work or leisure to a public place such as a coffee shop, and complete whatever it may be there. One could infer that the reasoning behind this is due to distractions in the home. Potentially being able to find inspiration from surroundings could be the case as well. Whatever the reasoning may be, I went to my local coffee shop and observed the surrounding guests’ material they were occupying themselves with, as well as surrounding propaganda that may influence the guests. My observations proved to be fairly typical of a downtown coffee shop.

There were various college students scattered around on laptops, iPads and other electronic devices. They appeared to be using the environment as a stress free place for homework. I noticed a group of four students who appeared to do this often evident by their comfort level and having a table secured, diligently working on their assignments. After getting a coffee for myself, I walked passed a student who was friendly enough to share what she was writing about. She had conducted research herself, and was writing her essay on the comparison of energy efficient running styles. Her focus was whether it is more efficient to run barefoot or in the ever popular Vibram soled five finger shoes. After a short conversation I took my seat and continued to observe others.

I noticed an elderly man reading a book just to left of me, “The Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett. He switched back and forth from his book to the sports section of the newspaper. There were quite a few newspapers available for customers to pick up and read through, including the Boise Weekly, which tends to have current events for locals to indulge in. I’ve noticed each time I walk into this particular coffee shop there always seems to be a few people at a minimum on electronic devices, it seems as though it has become impractical to carry around paper and pencil. Amongst the sea of technology I did observe one customer was writing a note on paper, her being the only one I saw, I’m didn’t investigate what she was working on.

One of my favorite features of the surroundings is the wall the shop has dedicated to local artists’ work, underneath their art work they have the titles as well as prices for most of them. Among the local propaganda there was a shelf of brochures for local attractions as well as local business ads and cards on top of the shelves. They did have a board of events that was open to public postings, giving a voice to the customers. The board seemed to be well used, as it was full. As any business does the company also had their policies posted near the counter, such as refills and credit card minimums.

I think from the research I gathered I can see why people choose to bring their work or leisure to this destination and relax. The environment presented is very comforting and their coffee is delicious as well. From the diversified guests observed during the time I was here, I can see that the environment is welcoming to everyone. The propaganda delivers an optional active outlet for customers to take during their breaks from the work they are consumed in. I can easily say it would interest me in if I was in there doing homework and noticed an attractive event posted on the bulletin board.

Is There an Advantage to Being Bias?

Letting go of biases can open doors to writing more effectively. Being able to see each side and exposing those sides of the story can be more informative than writing specifically about one side at an attempt to pursuade others. Writing about both sides informs the audience and allows the writer to create more, placing the decision ultimately in the hands of the audience. By using all of the information instead of a small portion, the writer is able to draw in more of an audience as well.

Ball Park Music – It’s Nice To Be Alive

This song is meant to bring comfort, in every aspect, in every lyric. The message is simply meant to be received as to live without stress. It plainly says stress is dumb, just be glad to be alive. I think people can relate to this message because everyone stresses, and it isn’t until the aftermath that we realize we could have done without the stress. All in all my favorite lyric is “we’re fucking amazing,” because we as people are, or have the capability to be.


A dead rose can be many things
A boy’s love, a crushed dream
It’s always something more than it seems to seem
when you look in between the seams of things,
you find an essence of the mind, a dream of a better time
allowing yourself to unwind makes everything seem fine
take a quick look at yourself in the mirror, see if everything truly is clearer,
wander into the forest of unread paths, dabble in the darkness of weary scenery,
feel the warmth of total freedom, smell the scent of self construction, you’re there.
welcoming wanderers stumbling steadily, you’re no guest to this humble home, pretending as if you’ve only done this alone.